EPG Online Schedule Autumn 2021

The schedule for EPG Online in Autumn 2021 is now available. Sessions will on Thursdays at 16:30 UK Time. To get login information and the latest updates subscribe to the EPG Online mailing list.

Autumn 2021 Schedule

7th October

Domestic Autonomy and Environmental International Non-Governmental Organizations: A Cross-National Analysis of Forest Loss

  • Jamie M. Sommer (University of South Florida)

Identity and the Structure of Climate Risk Preferences

  • Noah Zucker (Columbia University)

21st October

Status Symbols in Social Space: Inflated Lives, Clean Tech Privilege, and Electric Cars in Washington State

  • Jean Léon Boucher (Dublin City University) and Walter Mérida (University of British Columbia)

Walking the Talk: Why Cities Adopt Ambitious Climate Action Plans

  • Sanya Bery (Wesleyan University) and Mary Alice Haddad (Wesleyan University)

4th November

Political Cleavages and Changing Exposure to Global Warming

  • Alexander F. Gazmararian (Princeton University) and Helen V. Milner (Princeton University)

Coping Practices and the Spatial Dimension of Authority Design: The Case of Environmental Policy Enforcement

  • Constantin Kaplaner (LMU Munich) and Yves Steinebach (LMU Munich)

18th November

Private adaptation to climate risks: Evidence from the world’s largest mining companies

  • Maria-Therese Gustafsson (Stockholm University), Jorge Ernesto Rodriguez Morales (Stockholm University), and Lisa M. Dellmuth (Stockholm University)

Local weather extremes and political attitudes on climate policy - Evidence from Switzerland

  • Franziska Quoß (ETH Zürich) and Lukas Rudolph (LMU Munich)

2nd December

Who’s afraid of more ambitious climate policy? Distributional consequences and inequality perceptions in ratcheting up for the Paris Agreement

  • Lena Maria Schaffer (University of Lucerne)

No Diffusion at All: Trade, Free Riding, and Government Underspending on Environmental Innovation

  • Muzhou Zhang (University of Essex)
Liam F. Beiser-McGrath
Liam F. Beiser-McGrath
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Politics