EPG Online Schedule Autumn 2020

The schedule for EPG Online in Autumn 2020 is now available. Sessions will on Thursdays at 16:30 UK Time. To get login information and the latest updates subscribe to the EPG Online mailing list.

Autumn 2020 Schedule

1st October

“Leave It As It Is:” Network Effects on Protected Lands

  • Darren Hawkins (Brigham Young University)

Acres for the Affluent: How Governments and Nonprofits Conserve Land

  • Samantha Zuhlke (Texas A&M)

15th October

The Paradox of Climate Concern: Declining Mitigation Support after Natural Disasters

  • Talbot Andrews (Princeton University)

Temperature shocks and climate policy

  • Sam Rowan (Concordia University)

29th October

Diffusing Climate Frames in International Organizations

  • Karina Shyrokykh (Stockholm University)

Understanding Network Building Strategy in Environmental Governance

  • Kristin Olofsson (Oklahoma State University)

12th November

Conservation and positive spillovers on corruption: Establishment of protected areas across Africa reduced local bribery

  • Aksel Sundström (University of Gothenburg)

Bureaucratic Capacity Building and Climate Cooperation

  • Yves Steinebach (LMU)

### 19th November

Growing Apart: China and India at the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol

  • Shiming Yang (University of Southern California)

Cheaters, market leaders, standard setters or rule-breakers? The who’s who of the global waste regime: Chinese and European perspectives on the Waste Ban

  • Anran Luo (University of Freiburg)

10th December

Reporting on Climate-Change Action: Paris Agreement, Fridays for Future and the Framing in Public News Worldwide

  • Lisa Lechner (University of Innsbruck)

Developing a continuous climate concern scale for use in experimental research

  • Parrish Bergquist (Georgetown University)
Liam F. Beiser-McGrath
Liam F. Beiser-McGrath
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Politics