Public Support for the UK’s Green Industrial Revolution

PECC Lab Research Brief

This PECC Lab Research Brief examines public opinion on the Green Industrial Revolution. It uses a nationally representative survey experiment to estimate how the various components of the Green Industrial Revolution affect public support, and which policy proposals are most popular.

Executive Summary:

  • The Prime Minister has recently unveiled a ten-point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution to meet net-zero emissions targets.
  • We conducted an original survey experiment to causally identify the public’s support for particular points of this plan and their overall level of support.
  • Public support is increased substantially by consumer grants for electric vehicles, funding of electric public transport, planting of trees, and wind power.
  • Investment in air and sea vehicles and nuclear power does not meaningfully increase the public’s support.
  • An ambitious version of the Green Industrial Revolution sees majority support amongst the public, while taking no action is widely opposed.
  • This ambitious version of the Green Industrial Revolution sees support across party lines, being similarly popular amongst Conservative and Labour supporters.
Liam F. Beiser-McGrath
Liam F. Beiser-McGrath
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Politics