EPG Job Market Candidates 2022

This page lists researchers who are currently on the academic job market, whose research touches on themes related to Environmental Politics and Governance.

If you are on the market, you can be added to this directory by completing this form.

Name Institution Email Website Research Interests
Alexander Gard-Murray Brown University http://gard-murray.com climate change; political economy; uncertainty; coalition-building; electrification
Annus Azhar Mississippi State University https://annusazhar.com/ Behavioral public administration; social equity; policy; smart cities
Dafni Kalatzi Pantera University of Essex https://dafnikalatzi.github.io environmental attitudes; environmental behavior; green commitments; environmental salienceKala
Daniel, Goldstein European University Institute https://daniel-a-n-goldstein.com/ Norms; State Capacity; Formal Theory; Backsliding; Environmental Enforcement
Dennis Kolcava ETH Zurich https://www.ib.ethz.ch/people/dr--dennis-kolcava.html Corporate Sustainability; Political Economy, Public Opinion, Environmental Politics and Policy; Supply Chains
Devin Judge-Lord Harvard University https://judgelord.github.io/ interest groups; public policymaking; regulation; environmental justice; private governance
Dr. Kakha NADIRADZE Association for Farmers Rights Defense, AFRD https://www.linkedin.com/in/kakha-nadiradze-26a90013/ Agribusiness, Business Models, Climate, Biodiversity
Gus Greenstein Stanford University https://www.gusgreenstein.com/ institutions; implementation; bureaucracy; environment; development
Hannah Salamon University of Strathclyde https://pureportal.strath.ac.uk/en/persons/hannah-salamon climate change; gender; representation; feminism; environmental politics
Harish Dutt Institute of Economic Growth, North Campus, Delhi University, Delhi https://facebook.com/harish.dutt.92 Environmental Governance; Politics; Law and Public Policy
Jiaqi Lu University of Wisconsin - Madison https://jiaqi-lu.github.io/ energy transition; climate and energy politics; climate governance; China and India; international climate cooperation
Matthew Gordon Yale School of the Environment https://sites.google.com/view/mdgordon/ Development; Disasters; Aid; Waste; Quantitative Methods
Md Belal Hossain Oklahoma State University https://sites.google.com/view/belalhossainsoc/home Political economy of global environmental change; environmental racism; disaster; food insecurity; and public health.
Meg Boyle Colby College (Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies) https://DrMegBoyle.com International climate and environmental governance, law, and policy; climate justice; geopolitics; multi-stakeholder process design
Natalie W.M. Wong National Chengchi University https://pa.nccu.edu.tw/PageStaffing/Detail?fid=2454&id=3047 environmental governance; contentious politics; waste governance; coalition building; civil society
Robin Bayes Northwestern University https://robinbayes.wixsite.com/about-me Climate change beliefs; public opinion about science; environmental psychology; science communication
Sabrina Arias University of Pennsylvania https://sabrinabarias.com/ International organizations; diplomacy; climate politics; United Nations
Vitor M. Dias Kellogg Institute for International Studies, University of Notre Dame https://kellogg.nd.edu/vitor-martins-dias Climate Justice; Environmental Governance; Organizations and Institutions; Social Movements; Development
Liam F. Beiser-McGrath
Liam F. Beiser-McGrath
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Politics