EPG Job Market Candidates 2021

This page lists researchers who are currently on the academic job market, whose research touches on themes related to Environmental Politics and Governance.

If you are on the market, you can be added to this directory by completing this form.

Name Institution Email Website Research Interests
Alexander Gard-Murray Brown University http://gard-murray.com Climate Change; Comparative Political Economy; Public Policy; Decarbonization
Andrew Heffernan University of Ottawa https://heffandrew.wixsite.com/my-site Global Environmental Governance; Eco Politics; Africa; Community-Based Natural Resource Management; Climate Change
Ashpreet Kaur University of Florida https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashpreet-kaur-475941132/ zero waste, circular economy, sustainability, environment policy and management, waste management
Catherine Chen The Ohio State University https://www.cathchen.com behavioral experiments; machine learning; policy process; political economy; sustainability policy
Cesar B. Martinez-Alvarez University of California, Los Angeles https://www.cesarbmartinez.com/ politics of land use change; climate change mitigation; local governance of forests; fossil fuel subsidies; energy transitions; common-pool resources management
David Krantz Arizona State University https://sustainability-innovation.asu.edu/person/david-krantz/ Climate & Energy Policy; Spiritual Environmentalism; Transdisciplinary Research
Dennis Kolcava ETH Zurich https://ib.ethz.ch/people/dr--dennis-kolcava.html Corporate Responsibility; International Political Economy; Public Opinion; Supply Chains; Trade
Divya Institute of Public Policy. Indian School of Business, ISB Road. https://NA Natural Resource Governance; Resource Rights; Collective Action; Social Protection Policies and their Implementation; Adaptation to global crises and change.
Federico Holm University of Michigan https://www.federicoholm.com social-ecological systems; environmental governance; institutional complexity, social networks
Garret Zastoupil University of Wisconsin-Madison https://NA participatory action research; just transitions; community economic development; sacrifice zones
Geoffrey Henderson University of California, Santa Barbara https://www.geoffreyhenderson.com/ climate policy; social movements; coalitions; political participation; interest groups
João Bosco Lissandro Reis Botelho Amazonas Federal Institute https://ifam.academia.edu/lissandrobotelho The Amazon; Rainforest Governance; Deforestation Process; Social Innovation; Financial Innovation
Josée Provençal University of Ottawa https://polemos-decroissance.org/josee-provencal/ global governance of energy, sustainable development, energy transition, energy sufficiency, degrowth and the social relations that structure our energy consumption.
Joseph Dellatte Kyoto University https://thegrimoiredotorg.files.wordpress.com/2021/09/cv-sep-2021_jdellatte.pdf Carbon Pricing; Climate Policy; ETS Linking; Political Economy; Governance
Kristin Dobbin University of California Los Angeles https://www.kristindobbin.com Environmental justice; drinking water; public policy; institutions; environmental governance
Lauri Peterson Uppsala University https://lauripeterson.github.io climate politics; extreme weather; development aid; environmental politics
Marielle Papin McGill University https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Marielle-Papin Global environmental politics; urban climate governance; transnational networks; innovation; complex systems.
Noah Zucker Columbia University https://www.noahzucker.com climate change; identity; democracy; global governance
Patrick Hunnicutt Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, University of California - Santa Barbara https://www.phunnicutt.com Conflict; development; environment; peacekeeping
Qianhui Li University of Arizona https://sgpp.arizona.edu/people/qianhui-li environmental policy; voluntary regulation; corporate responsibility; institutions
Ritwick Ghosh Arizona State University https://www.ritwickghosh.com Ecosystem Services; Offsetting; Markets
Samuel Trachtman UC Berkeley https://samtrachtman.com climate politics; American political economy; interest groups; federalism
Takumi Shibaike University of Calgary https://takumishibaike.github.io Global Environmental Governance; NGOs; Species Conservation; UNFCCC
Timothy Fraser Northeastern University https://www.timothyfraser.com/ Resilience; Social Networks; Mapping; Renewable Energy; Climate Adaptation
William Gochberg Washington University in St. Louis https://williamgochberg.com/ Property rights; economic development; oil; ethnicity
Yixin Liu Florida State University https://yixin-liu.com/ collaborative governance, local government, environmental policy, experimental methods
Yufan Yang The University of Iowa https://yufanyang.com Environmental Politics; Political Violence; Information; Collective Action; Text Analysis
Zhengyan Li University of Michigan https://NA Business Sustainability; Environmental Justice; Regulation; Information Disclosure
Liam F. Beiser-McGrath
Liam F. Beiser-McGrath
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Politics